Leldon Bulkley brings over a decade of experience in insurance and risk management for both public and private industries.  As an expert in the areas of risk, insurance and safety, Mr. Bulkley has a depth of knowledge that advances RATP Dev USA forward in areas that drive significant cost and risk transfer across the organization.  His experience is combined with an MBA in Risk Management and Insurance, and a degree in Finance. 

Mr. Bulkley provides support and leadership with a proactive approach for risk mitigation to enhance our programs, leading to reductions in risk and improvements in safety.  He works collaboratively with teams across the organization to continuously develop and improve comprehensive risk assessments, safety tools and policies, and more effective techniques to reduce the frequency of incidents and reduce the severity of the financial impact of incidents that do occur. Mr. Bulkley manages the RATP Dev USA insurance program with a focus on continuous improvement and cost reductions.