RATP Dev USA Renews Contract with Charlotte Area Transit System

Fort Worth, Texas (May 2, 2019) – RATP Dev USA, a national leader in public transit, announced it has renewed their contract with Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) in North Carolina. RATP Dev USA has been the provider of transit management services for CATS since 2003.

CATS selected RATP Dev USA to continue the partnership through a national competitive process that awarded the contract based on best qualified and value procurement. The new contract will cover an initial period of three years with two additional one-year options. Under the terms of the contract, RATP Dev USA will directly supervise the daily maintenance and operations of the CATS fixed-route system.

“We look forward to continuing to provide outstanding service to the City of Charlotte. Our focus together is to increase ridership and continue to improve service standards for all riders, while improving sustainable operations to achieve the goal of becoming a low-carbon city by 2050. CATS is an outstanding transit system and we look forward to taking it into the future.” said Tony Johnson, General Manager.

CEO John Lewis recently stated in the Transit Unplugged Podcast, “The vast majority of our commuting and mobility trips happen on the bus each and every day. We’re going through, like so many Transit Agencies, a complete re-haul of our bus system. We are calling it here, Envision my Ride. Driving that effort is that rapid growth of the City and the demographic changes that are happening.”

“Charlotte is an evolving city and with that comes evolving transit needs”, noted Blaine Rigler, President and CEO of RATP Dev USA, “we are excited to be continuing our partnership with CATS, supporting the transit network as Envision my Ride comes to life.”