• Prepare for the 'age of autonomous vehicles' – to be among the first transit agencies in the United States to showcase AV technology to our ‘smart’ city.
  • Enhance service delivery and safety approach.


fixed route buses

18.1 million

passenger trips per year




  • Implementation of the Autonomous Vehicle Project to meet future needs of the growing population of residents and visitors. RATP Dev is providing planning, delivery and financial support for this pilot project.
  • In 2018 RATP Dev - Austin supported the largest service change in the history of Captial Metro. Branded as "Cap ReMap" RATP employees successfully added 37,000 hours of services while completely changing all 68 routes.
  • The Cap ReMap made the entire bus system easier to understand, with more service, high frequency, and direct routing so passengers could understand and ride the system confidently.
Capital Metro schedules
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