Improve the City of Lubbock's transportation services to meet a wide variety of specialized services required by the community.


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RATP Dev assumed management and operation of the City of Lubbock’s 100-vehicle transit system. The local RATP Dev management team oversees service in five specific areas: fixed-route, citiAccess (Paratransit-Medicaid Contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission), special services, Texas Tech University service, and service as the Lubbock Agent for Greyhound Services. The fixed-route and citiAccess services provide safe and reliable transportation for Lubbock citizens throughout the community. 

With the change in ridership - especially during and post-COVID, the city needed a way to reach a larger number of potential riders within the city limits, but outside of standard service areas. RATP Dev USA and Citibus partnered with Spare Labs to create a microtransit solution to adapt services to the entire city.

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