• Being the first on a given market entails responsibilities. The Original London Sightseeing Tour, founded in 1951, was the very first sightseeing service in the British capital. The company has never lost that trailblazing mindset, and attracts over one million passengers every year.


stops in downtown London serviced by 90 double-deckers


available languages for audio commentary and a kids' version

More than 1

million passengers per year


RATP Dev is one of the few public transit operators in the world with sightseeing experience and know-how. RATP Dev brings real added value to this highly competitive market. Not only does it provide expertise in technical solutions, but it can also advise on integration into the city system and on dialogue with organizing authorities. It also has a robust sustainable development policy, as shown by its choice of cleaner buses. With these strengths in mind, RATP Dev created an alliance of all its sightseeing subsidiaries around the world in 2016: Extrapolitan.

Quality above all.

The open-top double-deckers provide a unique view of the city. Visitors can hop on and off at any time along the route, at no extra cost. Another perk, the regular, frequent buses that mean you never have to wait for long. The range of services available is constantly refreshed and improved. For example, special offers include theatre or soccer game tickets along with the bus ticket. And every Original London ticket includes three walking tours and a Thames river cruise. A Virtual Reality Experience is also available at the Original Tour Visitor Centre near Trafalgar Square. The high-tech headsets give a 360°, panoramic tour of all four cities where Extrapolitan can be found. It's a taste of the unique experience enjoyed on board an Original Tour.

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Your future. Our destination.

Leon Daniels
Former Director, Transport for London

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