Two big challenges facing Mountain Mobility were staffing and on-time performance.


local employees


average monthly passengers


average OTP


In order to overcome staffing shortages, the team at Mountain Mobility participated in numerous job fairs. The team even used hiring magnets on their personal vehicles to spread their recruiting efforts. By putting up flyers at local restaurants, on the county website, and the job fairs and advertising, the team was able to quickly fill open positions.

In order to improve on time performance, the Mountain Mobility leadership team focused on the following:

  1. Retraining dispatchers to spot the potential for late operators before they actually began running late
  2. Working with operators to make changes to routes
  3. Working with schedulers on passenger times to ensure on time delivery of passengers to their destinations

The retraining and renewed focus brought the average OTP up to 95%.

Elaina Carter

I'm proud of my employees as we work as a team to pick up and drop off passengers on time. Our operators come into work and stay after completing their routes to help out other operators.

Elaina Carter
General Manager, Mountain Mobility, 4+ years