In 2023, The COMET faced challenges in attracting operators due to the competitive market, as well as an aging fleet, which impacted the available vehicles for service.

100% +

service volume


local employees


annual passengers


RATP Dev USA and the local COMET team included higher wages across the board as part of the CBA negotiations, and included an increased safety bonus as incentive, helping the overall competitive market of recruiting operators. The COMET team has also decreased employee turnover by 6.5% in the last year through engagement activities.

In order to support our client in the aging fleet issues, we provided data around the buses, helping our client make data-driven decisions in procuring additional buses in the next two years.


The COMET currently operates two electric buses and will take possession of two hydrogen fuel cell buses in early 2024. 


Community engagement is the name of the game in Columbia. The team at The COMET not only reaches into the community through supporting local food and toy drives, but they also partner in these ways:

  1. LIT- Leadership in Transit Academy, partner with local tech school (Heywerd Career & Tech Center) to introduce all aspects of transit to high school students.
  2. Internship Program, partner with local Universities (Benedict College, Allen University) to bring in college students in order to introduce them to transit.

Employee engagement is big at The COMET as well. Through their Financial Empowerment program, the team partners with a local bank to help employees realize the dream of home ownership.

Lenny Cooksey

I am most proud of how committed the team is at this location. There is not a challenge that they don't embrace and overcome.

Lenny Cooksey
General Manager, The COMET, 2+ years