In 2023, The City of Edmond was looking to purchase new vehicles to replace their aging fleet. 




annual passengers


on time performance for fixed route


RATP Dev USA and the team in Edmond supported our client by working with them on potential vehicles options. The team also does a yearly fleet replacement plan for our clients at the City of Edmond, including a forecasted budget for the replacement plan.


The team at Edmond Citylink often participates in community engagement. The team:

  • Helps with the July 4th parade each year
  • Participates in the "Touch-a-Truck" charity event annually
  • Provides shuttle service for the Arts Festival annually
  • Donates toys or funds to charities in the community each Christmas
  • Is always available to local schools and organizations to come out and talk about the Citylink service.
John Pleveich

We strive to foster a great working environment for our staff. Our philosophy is "hire good people and treat them right." This translates into the high-level quality of our service.

John Pleveich
General Manager, Edmond Cinylink, 11+ years