RATP Dev USA operates fixed route, paratransit, express routes, and on-demand services for SMRT. 

A challenge faced at SMRT was that operator turnover was higher than forecasted and presented a minor challenge with additional service implementations. 


electric vehicles


annual ridership




To overcome the higher turnover rate, we focused on innovative approach on retainment practices such as a rewards and incentive program and elevated the wage scale to remain comparable to the current market and geographical location.


RATP Dev USA currently operates 2 Proterra Transit Buses since the latter part of 2021 and have 14 units (Gillig and New Flyer) awaiting delivery for 2024. We recently received delivery of 14 eJest Electric Micro Buses and 6 eLightening Vans projected to be placed in Service February 2024. Each manufacturer have provided in-depth onsite Operational, Safety, and Maintenance Training to Management personnel, Maintenance Staff, and Operators. We’ve also taken a proactive approach in Safety by having the City of Santa Maria first responders (Fire and Police Departments) participate in the training.

Wess Cruz

I absolutely love what I do! The success would not be possible without the great corporate support and dedication from the entire Santa Maria staff. I’m very proud and honored in the opportunity of having an integral role supporting this location.

Wess Cruz
Director of Operations - West