We draw on innovation to improve our environmental performance and to offer increasingly green mobility solutions. One of our priorities is to become a major proponent of sustainable cities, working hand in hand with local elected officials, authorities and passengers. This means balancing operational, financial, and environmental performance.

At a global level, we're working on energy transition, and locally we're offering cities cleaner, more pleasant and tailored public transport services.

Reducing noise, disturbance, and pollution – our parent company, RATP Group is taking action today for the city of tomorrow, by committing to Bus 2025, a plan aimed at making the Paris region's fleet of 4,600 buses 100% clean – i.e. 80% electric and 20% biogas – by 2025. It will be a true feat and a world first.



In addition to CNG exploration and implementation, RATP Dev USA operates the largest electric fleet on the East Coast, with Proterra buses at the DC Circulator in Washington, DC – and continues to grow our electric fleets across the US. In 2017, the National Parks Association asked RATP Dev to partner with Proterra on a pilot program to determine future transit plans for Zion National Park. As an agency that understands the importance of preserving and providing access to some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes, finding a sustainable alternative for transportation is top of mind. In Bloomington, IN, soy-biodiesel fuel, hybrid vehicles, and autonomous vehicles are supporting the mission to deploy sustainable transportation. 

Our experience in running sustainable pilots and managing electric fleets with correlating maintenance requirements, has elevated RATP Dev Mechanics, Operators and Key Personnel to become proficient with alternative fueled bus procedures and gain confidence to replicate the management, training and mechanical duties for future fleets. 


Electric Bus
An electric bus is a bus that is powered by electricity. Electric buses can store the electricity on board, or can be fed continuously from an external source

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