More than just enforcing a law, it is absolutely necessary to understand that each person experiences unique challenges and has needs specific to their disability, and these individuals rely on public transit services to live independent lives. It is with this understanding that RATP Dev approaches the preparation and delivery of transportation services to a variety of riders with patience, compassion and empathy -  taking a true commitment and responsibility to providing high quality and reliable services to support the needs of all passengers.

RATP Dev USA has provided paratransit services since our founding in 1972. Twenty of our systems provide ADA Complementary Paratransit Services for persons who, because of physical or mental disability, or age are unable to transport themselves. At these systems over 4,000 trips are scheduled and provided each weekday.


RATP Dev’s longest managed system in North America, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s Mobility Impaired Transportation Service (MITS) is a model Transit on Demand service with the implementation of several innovative programs, such as the Transit Ambassador Program. It works with private sub-contractors and local taxi companies to provide services to ADA eligible passengers.

In March 2018, RATP Dev partnered with Capital Metro and Connecthings, an urban technology company, to develop and launch a pilot program to deliver real-time schedule and alert information to riders via the BlindSquare app, bringing Capital Metro’s bus information to customers who are blind or visually impaired. This demonstration is part of AustinCityUp’s vision of using innovation to facilitate a truly inclusive community, while raising the quality of life in Austin.




Americans with Disabilities Act
Mobility On-Demand
Flexible transport services is a form of transport where vehicles alter their routes based on particular transport demand rather than using a fixed route or timetable.
ADA Eligible Passengers
Using a two-stage process, most transit agencies assess an individual’s functional ability to use fixed route followed by trip eligibility; applying unique conditions to specific trips.

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Steven Sherrer
Steven Sherrer
Senior Vice President, South East Region
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