RATP Dev USA Announces Modification to Roadrunner Services

Fort Worth, Texas (June 7, 2019) – RATP Dev USA, a national leader in public transit, announced today that Roadrunner Management Services, their Southern and Central California transit operation, has made a strategic decision to focus on growing Charter operations. RATP Dev USA will still assume the operations of all Roadrunner public transportation services including fixed-route and paratransit services, however, starting August 1, 2019, Roadrunner will no longer service the Greater LA airports via Ride Share or Black Car services.

This decision comes after the recent issuance of the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) RFP, which would require Roadrunner to expand its serviceable area and fleet significantly while being one of two larger concession agreements moving away from a regional service delivery model, coinciding with the expiration of Roadrunner’s current LAWA and surrounding airports contract. Thus, Roadrunner has decided to explore other opportunities to grow the Roadrunner business, without pursuing the new LAWA coverage model.

“We have had nothing but great experiences with our partners at Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) and beyond, but with the transit industry in a constant state of change, we must strategically adapt to focus on new opportunities to grow the Roadrunner business,” said Blaine Rigler, RATP Dev USA President and CEO. “Our strong reputation in Ventura County and Roadrunner’s Charter services align well with our overall public transportation core services, and we are excited to pursue and fulfill a service need within the community we consider family.”

With the decision to migrate to a singular focus on Business-to-Business Charter services, Roadrunner will no longer service individual trip reservations past July 31, 2019 to and from the airports in the Greater LA area. “Roadrunner customers are the top priority in this transition,” states Tom Wittig, Roadrunner General Manager. “We look forward to continuing the same great service via Charter Operations and thank our faithful Ride Share and Black Car passengers for their years of loyalty.”

Roadrunner’s mission has and always will be to provide customers with reliable, safe, and local transportation as part of their journey.