• Provide an accessible, reliable, and innovative intermodal transportation network to residents in 25 municipalities in the Lorient urban community.
  • Improve the customer experience and reduce travel time, notably by optimizing infrastructure. 
  • Improve passenger information by updating existing systems, both digital and non-digital.  


 As of January 1, 2018, and for a five-year term, RATP Dev is managing the Lorient urban transportation network through its subsidiary CTRL. 

The CTRL network caters to over 200,000 residents across 25 municipalities. There are 34 regular city-bus lines, 4 maritime lines, 126 school bus lines, 10 demand-responsive transport (DRT) routes and a paratransit service for passengers with reduced mobility. The network also provides ferry service and a bike-sharing system, available during the school term for students, to meet the needs of all users. 

RATP Dev is working with the local authority Lorient Agglomeration to eventually restructure the Lorient network, in an effort to improve the passenger experience. RATP Dev is also planning to optimize Triskell’s infrastructure of bus-only lanes, to provide more regular service and reduce travel time. 

In the coming months, various commercial actions will be launched to customize and optimize customer relations, such as boosting the customer sales office, unveiling a new website and improving real-time information in buses and at bus stops. 

The CTRL network is innovative and sustainable. Its fleet already includes the Ar Vag Tredan, the world’s first electric ferry fully powered by supercapacitors!

CTRL is also involved in local life; every year the network provides 14 special lines during Lorient’s 10-day Festival Interceltique, a renowned international celtic music festival!   

CTRL Lorient RATP Dev

“The offer presented by RATP Dev […] appropriately meets the requirements of the Lorient urban community to support the future network restructuring, guarantees quality of service and relations with users, and clearly describes the methodical approach to social dialogue.” 

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