• Optimizing transportation in 13 municipalities.
  • Attracting new customer segments.
  • Offering new mobility solutions that are greener and on-demand.


In 2010 RATP Dev was awarded a seven-year contract to operate Impulsyon, the transit system of the Roche-sur-Yon conurbation. Servicing some 91,000 people in 13 municipalities, Impulsyon needed a major overhaul.

Offering more with less!

RATP Dev won the contract with its offer for a structured, prioritized transit system, extended timetables that more closely match local needs, and more extensive service throughout the region. In so doing, many promises and goals have been achieved. For example, the subsidiary Compagnie des Transports du Yonnais (CTY) enjoyed a 24% increase in ridership over the last three years of the contract. Total kilometers traveled was also limited, keeping costs down for local authorities.


Reducing environmental impact

With such a successful start, in 2017 the local council voted to renew CTY's contract for seven more years. The new contract makes it possible to continue optimizing the transportation offer and maintain service throughout the region. The routes were closely analyzed in line with the local transit master plan. Some routes were revised, and on-demand transit was rolled out in some low-ridership areas.

Other novel features have been gradually implemented throughout the system. A shuttle service was set up to Beaupuy, a high-traffic area, along with a regular route at rush hour. Fifty-two additional bus shelters were built. Part of the fleet was replaced with more environmentally friendly buses meeting the Euro 6 standard. A completely electric, six-meter Bluebus now operates in the downtown area, while the eTPMR – a fully-electric minibus – was also trialed for passengers with disabilities.

Accolades for our commitment

In February 2017, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the association for the development of professional transportation education (AFT) awarded La Roche-sur-Yon and CTY the prize for best collaboration between a local authority and urban transit operator. The prize was handed out at the first "Trophées Objectif CO2" awards ceremony, organized in honor of the French Grenelle Environnement summit.

La Roche sur Yon France Bus Mobility

"Between the baseline year of 2013 and 2016, average fuel consumption dropped from 34.5 to 32.2 liters per 100 kilometers. That's 160 metric tons fewer carbon emissions in 2015, and 163 metric tons less in 2016."

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