• Ensuring safety and simplicity for users.
  • Making travel easier around the surrounding areas through demand-responsive transport services.
  • Providing environmentally friendly mobility solutions.


Vienne Mobilités is the RATP Dev subsidiary that operates the transit system knownas L'va. It deploys many mobility solutions to keep public transit pleasant for Vienne residents.

Refillable passes, real-time information at bus stops, and modern equipment all make travel a breeze. Rural areas are serviced and traffic is eased in downtown areas with sustainable electric, hybrid, or natural gas buses. Vienne Mobilités continues to surprise local travelers with its carefully considered solutions.

The RATP Dev subsidiary has added four DRT transit routes, with a reservation platform open Monday to Saturday. The set fare is the same for all users, including those with disabilities.

Since December 2016, there has also been a DRT service specifically for companies.

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