We Move People is a local community outreach program, where corporate and agency employees participate in community efforts, together.


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"With every action we take through RATP Dev USA's We Move People charitable program, we have the potential to impact the communities we serve, far beyond public transit. We want to support and connect with the passengers who depend on us to move through their day, even after they have completed their journey." - Sandy Freeman, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development 


Community Beautification


Corporate Sponsorship


Charitable Giving


We Move People is designed to support and partner with each individual agency to impact the communities we serve, connecting our employees with charitable organizations and/or transit related nonprofit organizations.



Inspired by the RATP Group Foundation

For over 20 years, The Foundation has supported more than 1,240 projects, with more than One Million beneficiaries in France and abroad.

The Foundation is comprised of three main areas of focus: Employment, Education and Culture. Through charitable actions, RATP aids community individuals by providing access to various employment opportunities, supporting further educational advancements, and enables the discovery of significant cultural experiences.




Community Beautification
Park Clean-Up, Bus Depot Refresh, Bus Stop Design
Corporate Sponsorship
Non-profit Low Income Subsidies, Community Minority Scholarship, Safe-House/Shelter Homes
Charitable Giving
Stuff-A-Bus, Toys for Tots, Voice of America

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Sandy Freeman
Sandy Freeman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
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